Our Values

We value your trust and we do care about your security:

  • Legal registration;
  • No prepayments;
  • Transactions and workflow transparency;
  • Lore of local codes and industry standards;
  • Years of experience;
  • Internal quality control before handover;
  • 100% positive reviews from our clients.

Our purpose is to help:

  • We minimize all the routines and simplify all the communication;
  • You’ll get a personal project manager always available to keep you up to date on your project;
  • Quick start with only the sufficient minimum of paperwork and formalities which guarantee the client’s security.



We want to provide you with the best outsourcing experience:

  • We always seek a solution that is both technically effective and considers your ROI;
  • Origin is able to quickly respond to your particular needs adjusting the size and structure of the team to fit your objectives the best;
  • For better communication, we are ready to adapt to the work environment you are used to. We also can offer our tools and resources if you don’t have ones;
  • You don’t need to be an expert to set us a task, in the process of execution we will offer the appropriate solution ourselves.
ORIGIN in Numbers
Year of establishment
Professionals in team
Growing last year
Legal registration in UA and USA
Our Team

People are the origin of ORIGIN.

Dmytro Kryshchuk
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Mykhailo Khomovskyi
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Yuliia V.
Head of Scan to BIM department
Oleksandr P.
Structural Project Manager
Anastasiia B.
BIM Project Manager
Vladislav L.
BIM Project Manager
Ivan V.
BIM Project Manager
Oksana Frolova
HR Generalist
Nikita Pushkin
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Maryna Iakovlieva
Sales Manager

ORIGIN History

ORIGIN is a company that was founded from the ground up in 2019. The name “ORIGIN” reflects our commitment to being a genuine AEC industry company. Without any seed investment or staff besides the founders, we embarked on this journey with a strong desire to establish a company that utilizes the latest industry approaches and modern software to ensure top-quality products. Our goal has always been to become a prominent player in the AEC market while actively participating in industry development.

Thanks to the youthful enthusiasm of our founders and the individuals who joined us in our first office, the energy we have infused into ORIGIN has been a valuable complement to our expertise, which grows day by day.

As four years have passed, we now have a team of over 50 passionate specialists who are dedicated to achieving success. Through tackling complex tasks daily, our expertise has naturally expanded, and this doesn’t mean we’ve been slow in our progress.

Looking ahead, our focus remains on growth and further strengthening our expertise. We continue to expand our team and develop new services and solutions to offer our clients.

Our Vision

ORIGIN is a transparent, efficient, and reliable partner for our clients from the project’s inception to its completion. We strongly believe in the advantages of outsourcing, as we’ve successfully managed projects without letting geographical distance serve as an obstacle. Within the AEC industry, we don’t just see our role as a job, but rather as a mission with far-reaching implications. Though we are a modest player in a much larger landscape, our ambition is substantial. Our overarching goal is to significantly contribute to elevating the AEC industry, aiming to make it a paragon of efficiency, inventiveness, and technological adoption.

ORIGIN Careers

Discover your potential, with a team that inspires.

Middle BIM Specialist
Full time

ORIGIN is looking for skilled BIM specialists to join our team. Apply and build your legacy across diverse projects.

Middle Structural Engineer | Structural Steel
Full time

Dive into architecturally diverse commercial, residential, & mixed-use structures. Collaborate on international projects, shaping skylines & pushing boundaries.


Passionate about tech and architecture? Got a way with words? We’re seeking a copywriter to craft captivating stories that make the intangible desirable.

Feel like you`re a fit for us?

Explore the benefits of working with ORIGIN.

AEC without borders and distances!

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or requests. Whatever you want to ask, we are glad to hear from you.

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