ORIGIN creates career opportunities that let you love your job.

We take great care to provide our employees with an exceptional working environment, ensuring that every team member enjoys the freedom to create incredible products that make a difference.

ORIGIN Workforce
Toxicity. We care about a friendly climate in the team
2354 km
Distance between our most remote team members
The percentage of our employees who are ready to recommend us to their friends as an employer
7850 kg/mΒ³
Is the unit weight of steel. Just in case you're asked about it in an interview ;)

Exciting work, supportive culture

Get ready to dive into mind-blowingly cool projects designed for clients worldwide. The buzz of excitement drives every move we make! Armed with game-changing tech, we’re the pros at tackling massive, complex tasks while keeping the fun alive. Our top-notch project management keeps things smooth, and our obsession with quality means no detail is too small to perfect.

What sets us apart? It’s our knack for keeping the communication lines open even when things get tough. We thrive in challenging situations, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Teamwork is our jam, and proper communication isn’t just a checkbox – it’s at our core. From collaborating within our team to connecting with clients, we believe in clarity, honesty, and smooth interactions.

We’re all about personal growth on a journey of learning and becoming the best we can be. Mixing skills with a dash of inspiration, our work process is dynamite. Come aboard and see firsthand how we’re shaping the future – together!


At ORIGIN, we care about your well-being and growth. Our benefits aim to support both your personal and professional life.

Exciting projects
Come join us and dive into some seriously cool projects! We're talking about designing amazing buildings and game-changing infrastructure that'll make you say, "wow". Say goodbye to dull moments. Every project is like a new adventure where you get to bring awesome ideas to life!
Career growth opportunities
We check our team's work two times a year. From this check, we make plans to help each person do better. We also offer chances for more job training, which the company pays for.
Flexibility & Work comfort
We want our team to be happy and healthy. We use a simple way to manage things. Our team can work from home and choose their work hours. ORIGIN equips employees with all necessary equipment for efficient work, thereby aiding in establishing a healthy work-life balance.
Financial wellbeing
We've started a bonus system. If you do great work or bring in new people or clients, you get a bonus. We want to thank our team for their hard work, so we reward them for helping our company grow and succeed.
Health & Wellness
ORIGIN looks after our team's health and feelings. We give paid days off if someone is sick, so they can get better. We also pay some of the cost if someone wants to see a psychologist. We want to make sure our team can get help if they need it.
Paid time off
We care about our workers' free time. We give paid holidays, and the longer you work with us, the more days you get. You can get up to 20 holiday days.
ORIGIN has a program that will assist in your personal growth. Every month, we give money back for English lessons and sports. We also offer online exercise classes.
Parental leave & Support
ORIGIN supports families. When you have a baby, we offer parental leave so you can spend time with your little one. We believe in giving our team the time they need to welcome new family members and adjust.
Social responsibility
We want to make the world a better place. We often join projects that help people, animals, and the environment. Also, pets are welcome in all our offices.
What it's like to be part of a team

At ORIGIN, we value the power of team spirit. Our activities strengthen our bonds and create lasting memories. Join us on Facebook and Instagram to immerse yourself in our company culture.

Open positions

Discover your potential, with a team that inspires.

Middle Scan to BIM Specialist
Full time

Unleash your Scan to BIM expertise on unique projects. ORIGIN is seeking a passionate Middle Scan to BIM Specialist to join our team and transform captured data into intelligent BIM models for exciting, unique projects.

Middle BIM Specialist
Full time

ORIGIN is looking for skilled BIM specialists to join our team. Apply and build your legacy across diverse projects.

Middle Structural Engineer | Structural Steel
Full time

Dive into architecturally diverse commercial, residential, & mixed-use structures. Collaborate on international projects, shaping skylines & pushing boundaries.

Low demand

Passionate about tech and architecture? Got a way with words? We’re seeking a copywriter to craft captivating stories that make the intangible desirable.

Feel like you`re a fit for us?

Apply now and don’t miss your opportunity to become a valuable member of our vibrant company!

Steps to Apply
Step 1. Apply for a job
To join our team, choose the suitable vacancy from the list above and submit your application following the instructions.
Step 2. Soft skills interview
After our HR team reviews your application, you might be invited for a soft skills interview as the first step.
Step 3. Test task
If you have successfully passed the soft skills interview, you will be proposed to do a test task prepared by your future manager.
Step 4. Hard skills interview
The technical interview is the final step before making a decision. ORIGIN's manager will invite you if the test task was completed well.
Step 5. Evaluation
Now we need some time to make a decision and prepare a Job Offer for you.
Step 6. Job Offer
Congratulations, you have successfully completed all stages! You will receive an email with the decision regarding your candidacy. This process typically takes about a week.
Congrats, you got the job!
Welcome aboard! :) Our HR manager will keep in contact with you from your first day and will assist in preparing everything you need.
Behind the Screens: Our Tech Tales & Successes

Discover how ORIGIN drives innovation. Here, we share our tech adventures and the stories of our successful projects.

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