Essence of ARCHITECTURE services

The architectural services provided by ORIGIN are more focused on the implementation of BIM into architecture rather than the architectural design itself.

However, we offer a wide range of services, including BIM modeling, drafting, and photorealistic visualizations.

BIM Modeling

BIM modeling is the process of creating a 3D model that incorporates non-graphical information. This information can be used by architects, engineers, contractors, and other stakeholders to plan, design, construct, and manage buildings or infrastructure assets.

Scan to BIM
Scan to BIM
PDF/CAD to BIM conversion
Revit families creation
Parametric modeling
BIM model-based estimates

Scan to BIM

Within structural engineering, laser scanning is beneficial for the following applications:

Retrofit Projects.

Utilizing a laser scanner allows us to capture the existing conditions and accurately convert the point cloud to a BIM model. Once the as-built BIM model is completed, it’s ideal for building renovations. This approach aids in understanding the building geometry, sizes of window and door openings, deviations of surfaces from their original locations, and so forth.

Heritage Buildings.

For heritage buildings, the Scan to BIM process assists in documenting and preserving historical structures at risk of deterioration or damage. Creating a digital replica enables architects and conservationists to strategize restoration and renovation projects, minimizing potential harm to the original edifice. Furthermore, it’s invaluable for generating detailed documentation for archival and research endeavors.

Software in use: CloudCompare, Rhino3D, Autodesk Recap, and Autodesk Revit.

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PDF/CAD to BIM conversion

Despite the beneficial process of creating drawings as an extraction from a BIM model, many companies still rely on a 2D approach for their designs. However, in certain cases, it becomes evident that a BIM model is necessary. This is where specialists from ORIGIN can assist.

The creation of a BIM model from 2D CAD or PDF files is a process that also helps in identifying issues and drawing mistakes when viewing the entire picture in 3D mode.

Revit families creation

In Autodesk Revit, a family is a group of objects that share common parameters and are used to create specific building components or elements. A Revit family can be anything from a door or window to a complex piece of mechanical equipment or furniture.

Creating a library of Revit families is important because it allows designers and engineers to quickly and easily access pre-built components that can be used in their projects, saving time and improving efficiency.

Overall, creating a library of Revit families can help streamline the design process and improve collaboration among team members.

Parametric modeling

In the context of parametric modeling, we would like to highlight the following approaches:

Revit Adaptive Components.

These are fully customized and parametrized families in Autodesk Revit that enable the creation of complex and customizable parametric forms.

Revit Dynamo add-in.

It is a visual programming add-in for Autodesk Revit that empowers designers and engineers to develop custom scripts and workflows for their BIM projects. Using a node-based interface, it facilitates the creation of logic and automation of repetitive tasks in Revit, simplifying the creation of complex models and optimizing the design process. It is also useful for data analysis and model manipulation.

Rhino Inside Revit.

This tool functions similarly to the Dynamo add-in but offers even more robust capabilities. It features a more comprehensive library of tools for data analysis, geometry creation, and modification.

BIM model-based estimates

BIM model-based estimates utilize the data contained within a BIM model, including material quantities and labor requirements, to generate cost estimates that are more accurate and reliable compared to traditional estimating methods. The use of BIM model-based estimates can help mitigate the risk of cost overruns and enhance overall project management.


The purpose of visualizations in architecture is to help communicate and convey design ideas, concepts and plans to project parties.

Photorealistic static renders
Photorealistic static renders
Fly around videos/animations

Photorealistic static renders

Photorealistic static renders take time, but nothing gives you the same impression, feeling, and understanding of a building object like them.

At ORIGIN, we have talented artists who produce high-quality images that make you question whether they are renders or not!

Additionally, we also generate quick images using software like Autodesk Revit, Lumion, and Twinmotion.

Fly around videos/animations

These videos are typically created using a combination of Autodesk Revit, Lumion, and Twinmotion.

They provide a complete visual representation of the object and are produced efficiently by the skilled specialists at ORIGIN.

Drafting and Documentation

Having a BIM model is half of the job. The next step is to extract the views and schedules to combine nice-looking sheets.

Construction drawings
Construction drawings
CAD to BIM workflow transition

Construction drawings

Specialists of ORIGIN produce CDs, Permit Sets, and Shop Drawings for various building types. Typically, we keep the process of drawings production in Autodesk Revit, using a BIM model.

CAD to BIM workflow transition

Despite the beneficial process of creating drawings through the extraction from a BIM model, many companies still rely on a 2D approach for their designs. At ORIGIN, we are pleased to assist companies that are willing to transition their workflow from CAD to BIM, guiding them throughout the process.


Find out what our clients think of us! We have 100% positive client’s review. Along with the project routine, we also build strong relationships with clients which go a long way.

Don Williams
President and Owner, UNLIMITED DESIGNS Inc.
Salt Lake City, US

Unlimited Designs has used many drafting and 3d design companies and ORIGIN is by far the best company we have worked with. I look at ORIGIN as part of the Unlimited Team and we are a better company because of there services. Some of our projects are very complicated and detailed and I feel a level of comfort when they are on our team.

Corey Weiner
South Florida, US

We’ve worked with the ORIGIN team on some very critical as-built documentations and they’ve always delivered a high-quality result. The projects ranged from historic residences to commercial buildings and a sports stadium. We appreciate their attention to detail, respect for deadlines and we look forward to continuing to work with ORIGIN.

Truitt Vance
Principal Engineer, Ashley & Vance Engineering Inc.
California, US

ORIGIN has been our trusted partner for over four years, providing exceptional Revit modeling and structural design services. Their expertise and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in the success of our projects. We highly recommend ORIGIN for organizations seeking reliable and collaborative support.

From wood frame structures to high-rise projects, ORIGIN consistently delivers accurate and precise designs with their Level of Detail 300 Revit drafting. Their seamless integration with our team ensures flawless execution and efficient project delivery.

ORIGIN’s availability and responsiveness have exceeded our expectations, allowing us to meet deadlines and avoid exhausting work demands. Their knowledge in Revit modeling and structural design has been invaluable in completing projects on time.

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Michael König
Wien, Austria

We had a great experience working with ORIGIN and were impressed with their BIM capabilities. The model they created for us was detailed and accurate, and their team was professional and easy to work with.

Doug Magners
Architectural Strategic Coordinator and Co-Founder, SCANSURE LLC
Massachusetts, US

ORIGIN has been a dedicated partner over the last several years providing Scansure with unbeatable scan-to-BIM services, no matter how small or how big and complicated. We greatly value ORIGIN’s partnership mentality, really being part of our team to deliver outstanding models to our clients, consistently earning high praises and repeat work from our customers. They understand our needs and deliver exactly what our clients are looking for, all with little oversight on our part. In all of our experiences, I can say without exaggeration that ORIGIN is quite literally one of the best modeling partners in the world!

Sheldon Wilberforce
General Manager, Bridgewall LLC
Manitoba, Canada

I have worked with ORIGIN on a number of projects, and I have always been impressed with their fast response time and ability to solve problems. We have been able to provide top quality, easy to use BIM models to our clients with ORIGIN’s help!

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