The owner of the bank building was preparing it for sale. For this purpose, the most up-to-date as-built floor plans were needed in the first place.

As plan preparations progressed, an additional request for detailed modeling of facades and surroundings appeared.

Once the project was completed, the ORIGIN team took the initiative to complete a fully detailed model of the ground floor for acquiring portfolio aims, and this scope of work was presented to the client as a bonus to his request.

Scope of work:

  • Creation of a 3D model of a bank for the purpose of generating floor plans;
  • Detailed modeling of facades;
  • Extensive modeling of the surroundings;
  • Comprehensive modeling of the 1st-floor interiors.

Input: Comprehensive point cloud of both exteriors and interiors; An extended survey of the surrounding territory.

Output: 3D exterior model at LOD 350; 3D model of the 1st floor at LOD 350; Floor plans for all floors.

Subservices: Scan to BIM, As-built drawings
Industry: Commercial
Object type: Banks
Area: 960 m² / 10340 ft²
Tools used: Autodesk Revit, Autodesk ReCap
Project stages
1. Receiving input
2. Analyzing the input: requesting additional details and selecting the optimal team structure
3. Creating basic architectural geometry required solely for floor plan drawings
4. Detailing the building's facades, including windows, exterior doors, and embellishments
5. Modeling adjacent buildings and the terrain among them
6. Providing project support

Overall description

The building consists of 4 full floors and 1 technical floor on the roof.

  • In the basement, a bank vault and archive/storage rooms were located.
  • The ground floor was mostly occupied by reception and service cubicles.
  • The remaining 2 floors consisted mostly of offices.

After selling, the usage of the building changed from a bank to a non-profit, nonsectarian associate member organization.

Point cloud vs Model

Interiors of the ground floor

The ground floor was chosen to be modeled for the portfolio because of its interesting decorative elements such as:

  • Coffered ceilings;
  • Fake fireplaces;
  • Glazed entrance group;
  • Configuration of the reception area, including all the casework.
Point cloud vs Model

Modeling of surroundings

The area with a 120′ (36m) offset from the outer walls of the bank was outlined and requested to be modeled.

This area included 10 adjacent buildings with different numbers of stories, architectural styles, and configurations. The main aim was to model them just for context in a quick and not detailed way, but in a manner that resembles their originals.

Also, the model included all the areas between the buildings (roads, pedestrian areas, etc.) along with all street furniture and other elements (benches, bollards, trees, street lighting, underpasses, etc.).

As a result, we’ve got the full model of the building and the context around it.

Point cloud vs Model

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Highly detailed model of the exteriors of the historical buildings and the context around it
Coordinated set of floor plans
Bonus scope of work provided by the ORIGIN team
Tools used
Autodesk Revit
Autodesk ReCap
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