The initial request of the client was to receive the existing floor plans and exterior elevations of the property for future redesign and real estate, Main building has 3 floors and several attached buildings with a courtyard, In addition, we have modelled a neighbouring building within the near surroundings. The downside was that the point cloud was black and white, and it was a little harder to work with.

Scope of work: LOD 300 modelling of interiors and exteriors for a main building. Modelling on surroundings with lower LOD. Production of as-built drawings.

Input: Comprehensive Point Cloud of the interiors and exteriors.

Output: 3D Model at LOD 300; Basic floor plans for all levels, including a roof plan.

Subservices: Scan to BIM, As-built drawings
Industry: Commercial
Object type: Office, Public
Area: 6735 m² / 72500 ft²
Tools used: Autodesk Revit, Autodesk ReCap
Project stages
1. Receiving input
2. Analysis of the input: requesting additional information and selecting the optimal team structure
3. Creation of basic architectural geometry required solely for floor plan drawings
4. Detailed modeling of interior embellishments, including window and door details and decorations
5. Modeling of surrounding and landscape
6. Generating detailed as-built drawings

Overall description

The project is located in a vibrant and diverse neighbourhood with a rich history. The streets are lined with Victorian and Edwardian houses and the area is home to a variety of shops, restaurants and cafes.

As well as modelling part of the area, we also produced drawings for further reconstruction and redesign work.

Point cloud vs Model
Diversity of designs


Project contains busy street, you can see many passing by walkers and transport. Buildings contain various rooms of different sizes, configurations, and usages. Walking through the buildings, you can find many different commercial and office spaces.

Each space has its unique design and layout. As a result, each room required scrutiny and attention to detail during processing and transferring to the model from the Origin team to represent all as-built conditions of the interiors and exteriors.

We also modelled signboards and roads with pavements. Therefore, this model can be used for real estate purposes.

Point cloud vs Model
Isometric View

3D Model

View high resolution drawings in PDF format

Tools used
Autodesk Revit
Autodesk ReCap
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