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ORIGIN is an outsourcing firm specializing in structural design, architecture, MEP, and BIM services. Established in 2019, our team consists of skilled professionals committed to success. We primarily serve clients in the US and EU.

Our aim is to gain prominence in the AEC sector and contribute to its growth. We view our work as more than just employment; it’s a field that energizes us. We are committed to expanding our team and broadening our service offerings to meet client needs.

AEC without borders and distances!

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or requests. Whatever you want to ask, we are glad to hear from you.

Where are ORIGIN's offices located, and is the company's team distributed across different regions?

ORIGIN is legally registered as ORIGIN-TEAM LLC in Florida. Main offices are strategically situated in Kyiv and Kharkiv, providing centralized hubs for our operations. However, reflecting our commitment to a global perspective, part of our dedicated team works remotely, not only in Ukraine but also in various European cities.

How can I initiate collaboration with ORIGIN? What are the steps to begin working on a project with your team?

Collaborating with ORIGIN is a simple process. It begins with reaching out to us through any communication channel that suits you — whether it’s our website, email, LinkedIn, or social networks.

To expedite the process, providing a short brief about your task is preferred. However, if time is a constraint, we’re more than happy to address your questions during a joint call. You can reserve a call slot through our CALL BOOKING FORM.

What are ORIGIN's business hours, and when is the best time to contact the company for inquiries or support?

ORIGIN’s regular business hours are from 08:00 AM to 07:00 PM (GMT+2). However, we understand that inquiries or support needs may arise at different times. Rest assured, we are always ready to accommodate and schedule calls outside of our standard working hours.

What is the typical timeframe for ORIGIN to respond to inquiries, evaluate a project, provide an offer, and complete the project?

Our standard turnaround time for quotes is one day, given that we’ve received all the necessary input files. Larger projects may require a bit more time.

Is ORIGIN legally registered, and how can I initiate the process of establishing an official cooperation agreement with the company?

Yes, ORIGIN is legally registered as ORIGIN-TEAM LLC in Florida, US (L22000500003). To formalize our cooperation, a contract between your company and ORIGIN-TEAM LLC to be signed.

Alternatively, collaboration can begin based on invoices without the need for a signed contract, providing a simplified pathway for engagement.

How does ORIGIN ensure the security and integrity of client data?

We prioritize the security and integrity of client data. For those desiring confidentiality, we initiate a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before commencing any work.

We take extra care to keep your digital information safe. All tasks are done in a secure system with strong security measures. We use Firewall and data encryption to protect our data from spyware and viruses. Our skilled Sysadmins oversee all processes and settings. Projects in BIM 360 are reliably protected by Autodesk.

Continuous backups are a standard practice, ensuring the safety and integrity of your data throughout our collaboration.

What guarantees does ORIGIN provide regarding the quality of its services?

At ORIGIN, we ensure excellence in every project. Rigorous quality control precedes delivery, and payment is only expected upon your full approval. ORIGIN pledges lifelong support for every venture we undertake. In the rare event of identified shortcomings, we bear the responsibility for rectification, ensuring your ultimate contentment.

Consider a pilot project for up to 20 hours to experience our unparalleled quality firsthand.

What is the pricing structure at ORIGIN, and how are rates determined?

At ORIGIN, our pricing depends on the type and complexity of the job. We provide a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION and a full estimate of your project, with explaining the pricing model as part of the commercial proposal.

For your convenience, we offer different cooperation models based on your tasks and service type. You can opt for a fixed price or an hourly rate — whatever suits your needs and preferences best.

How much control does the client have over the process, and how ORIGIN reports on the work done?

At ORIGIN, each project is assigned a dedicated Project Manager who provides periodic reports to keep the client informed.

Clients have the opportunity to propose changes and provide feedback during the project within the agreed-upon scope outlined in the initial agreements.

What is the payment procedure for ORIGIN's services?

It’s straightforward! Once the job is completed and approved by the Client, we send you an invoice. You can conveniently pay through the online banking system.

What are the typical workflows for projects at ORIGIN?

Everything kicks off with an inquiry. Typically, we respond with a quote within one day after receiving all the necessary files.

If it’s a straightforward task with no additional questions, we jump right into the job. Occasionally, we might need an extra call to clarify things beforehand.

Then, the main part of the job begins, our project manager provides constant updates on the progress.
After completion, we thoroughly check the project internally before delivering it to the client.

Once the client approves the work, we send an invoice for payment.

What is the capacity of ORIGIN in terms of the volume of work it can handle? or How much bandwidth does the company have for project commitments?

As a rule, we do not refuse projects based on our company’s capacity limit. To get a precise assessment, please provide the original project data. Use the feedback form on the CONTACT page for this purpose.

Does ORIGIN offer outsourcing and outstaffing cooperation formats?

At ORIGIN, we offer both outsourcing and outstaffing cooperation formats. We adapt to what works best for our clients, depending on their internal workflows and preferences.

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